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    Convert Canon C300 MXF files to Final Cut Pro 6/7 for Mac editing


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    Convert Canon C300 MXF files to Final Cut Pro 6/7 for Mac editing

    Post by Violet10 on Fri Apr 27, 2012 1:28 pm

    Convert Canon C300 MXF files to Final Cut Pro 6/7 for Mac editing

    Below are several disscussions about looking for the way importing Canon C300 MXF files to the Final Cut Pro (6 or 7):

    Q1: MXF files into FCP 6
    I'm interested in the new Canon C300 camera, but I'm still working on an Apple G5 with FCP 6.0.6. Is there an application, plug-in, etc. for the older FCP to take in MXF files? [G5, Mac OS X (10.4.11)]

    Q2: importing .MXF files to Final Cut
    What plug-in do I need to install so i can import and edit .MXF video files in Final Cut. The suggestion of doing Log and Transfer doesn't work (the .MXF files are gray out not allowing me to select it.) [Final Cut Pro 7, Mac OS X (10.5.Cool]

    Q3: Support for Canon MXF from C300 in FCP?
    How do I import .mxf files into Final Cut Pro? This is the latests and greatests software right? There must be a way. Help Please.

    Here many folks are talking about how to import Canon MXF files into Final Cut Pro 6 or 7 for editing without rendering time. Well, don't blame to the Final Cut Pro, the "Import from Camera…" option works just like "Log and Transfer". The thing is, even FCP 7 does not work with the Canon or Panasonic P2 MXF codec. As far as i know, to solve those problems, the most important piece of the equation is that transcoding MXF files to Final Cut Pro native formats (e.g. Apple ProRes encoded .mov format) along with some help from the third-party software. To help those who wanna edit C300 MXF files in Final Cut Pro, here I share with you a simple guide on how to convert Canon MXF files to Apple ProRes format and then log and transfer encoded MXF files to FCP for editing flawlessly.

    Required Software:

    Pavtube Video Converter for Mac (Download a free trial here)

    The Mac Video Converter is a professional MXF Converter on Mac OS X which can not only convert Canon C300, XF100, XF105 and XF305 recorded MXF files to Apple ProRes codec videos for Mac editing, but also provide simple video editing functions for you. The mac MXF to ProRes Converter can convert HD videos from HD camcorders or DVs (like JVC, Panasonic, Sony and Cannon) for editing in Final Cut Pro, Final Cut Pro X, Final Cut Express, iMovie, Avid, Adobe Premiere etc. Below is how.

    Guide: Transcode Canon C300 MXF files to Apple ProRes Codec for FCP 6 or 7 editing

    Step 1. Import MXF files to the top Mac Canon C300 MXF to FCP ProRes Converter.

    (Note: Before conversion, you need to transfer MXF files from your Canon C300 to Mac Hard Drive, then click the "add" button to browse to import MXF videos)

    Step 2. Click the format bar, and move mouse cursor to "Final Cut Pro > Apple ProRes 422 (*.mov)" as output format.

    Step 3. Click "Convert" button to start transcoding C300 mxf files to Apple ProRes Codec for Final Cut Pro under Mac OS.

    Some more helpful features of the app:

    1. Settings- click to set video resolution(1920×1080/1440×1080/1280×720/720×480), bitrate(from 1Mbps to 20Mbps), frame rate (24p/30p)

    2. Editor (next to "Add" icon)- click to set deinterlace, denoise, mute, volume up, trim, crop, etc.

    So there you have it. Pretty simple. After the workflow, you can go to the output folder to find the converted video files. Now you are free to log and transfer or import/edit MXF files in Final Cut Pro 6/7 under Mac without problems.

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